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U.S. Stem Cell to focus on and expand in-clinic therapies

Courtesy of Kristin Comella (CSO) of U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.

Sunrise, FL – June 19, 2017 – (OTC:USRM) U.S. Stem Cell, Inc., a leader in the regenerative medicine, cellular therapy industry providing physician based stem cell therapies to human and animal patients as well as a developer of novel autologous cell therapies, announces an aggressive plan to expand an additional 12 stem cell treatment centers and clinics in the US.  US Stem Cell has been in discussions with the FDA regarding Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) Designation for the Myocell product and at this time, the company has decided not to further invest in RMAT Designation and instead invest and focus on our in-clinic therapies for patients.

According to the 21st Century Cures Act, within one year of enactment, the FDA must issue draft guidance clarifying how the FDA will evaluate devices used in the  recovery, isolation, or delivery of regenerative advanced therapies. Until this guidance document is published, …


By: Dr. Stanley Yip / Carmen Regallo-Dewitt
Muscle pain is something that is easy to overlook. Since it’s usually a mild dull pain and does not hinder daily activities unless at an extreme stage, people tend to wait too long before consulting a physician.
There may be two kinds of a muscle injury. You many have a sprain (which is the stretching or tearing of the muscle and the tendon) or a strain (which is the stretching or tearing of the ligament).
Also known as Rhabdomyolysis, muscle injury is caused by a breakdown of the fibers in the muscle. This breakdown triggers the release of myoglobin into the blood which can even cause kidney damage.
A muscular strain can be identified by other common household names such as a spasm, cramp or a pulled muscle. These pains are usually associated with the neck, shoulders, and even pain in the lower back.
Causes of Muscle Strain
Muscle strain may be caused by over stretching of the muscle which cause the muscle to tear or cramp. This over stretchi…


by: Dr. Steven Riess

Essential oils are liquids that are extracted from plants including, but not limited to, the seeds, barks, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit. As we begin to understand the power of essential oils in holistic healthcare – it is of absolute necessity of obtaining pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Chemists can replicate, but it would be nearly impossible to recreate the oils in a laboratory. It’s like the difference in using real vanilla extract vs. imitation vanilla extract.

Essential oils embody the regenerative, protective, and immune-strengthing properties of plants, bushes, and trees. They can support our bodies in various ways:
By promoting relaxationSupport healthy immune functionCalm tension and nervesPromote healthy metabolismUplift moodPromote emotional healthHelp reduce occasional upset stomachSupport muscle and joint functionIncrease positive feelingsHelp decrease stressImprove appearance of the skinProvide antioxidantsRepel insectsSoothe occasion…


by: Dr. Andrew J. Rochman
More than 10% of the people in the world complain about crippling migraines. Migraines can be extremely difficult to deal with and may even hinder people from functioning normally. Symptoms of a migraine include throbbing, intense pain, nausea and an extreme sensitivity to light and sound which can last from a few hours to a few days.
An Elusive Cure
Up until now a migraine cure has been rather elusive. Sufferers of migraines were traditionally told to stay away from factors which may trigger their migraines such as stress, bright lights, foods, or certain exercises.
Migraine is one of the most common disabling disorders in the world. Locating the problems behind illnesses such as migraines and epilepsy is much more complex than it seems. This is because the patient does not have any neural responses to the illness until an episode occurs which makes it problematic to detect biochemical clues. A Cure for the Disabling DisorderRecently, researchers were able to un…


By: Laguna El Guapo

To seek a SECOND OPINION is a patient's right as a cautious and educated consumer. This measure is also a smart financial coverage encouraged by insurance companies geared to prevent much higher claims from costly or 'wrongful' procedures.
Whether you're searching for a primary care physician or a specialist, shopping for any doctor can be quite a challenge. Ingredients for finding a professional that you can trust with your life rely heaviest on their reputation, expertise and qualifications found under smart research methods.
REFERRALS: Though medical professionals are now participating in the commercial world of marketing (such as broadcast and podcast commercials, youtube videos, social media promotion and public relations campaigns), the largest and most popular method of deciding on a doctor is still word of mouth. At least starting with a recommendation from a friend, colleague or family member, getting positive feedback about a practitioner t…


by: Dr. Andrew J. Rochman

Work related injuries take a toll on the employees as well as the company. With reduced productivity and health insurance payments, the company can suffer heavy financial setbacks. This is why most companies have realized the importance of increasing awareness when it comes to the workplace. Injuries at the workplace are more common than ever. Although manual handling is the most common cause of workplace injuries, sedentary jobs may also put employees at risk of Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and lung issues.

When it comes to sedentary jobs, posture and height may be doing most of the damage. Educate employees of the best posture and height of their chair in order to minimize the strain and reduce chances of an injury (Cornelio, 2010).
Policy Creation
The very first thing that employers need to do is create a health and safety policy. This policy should be included and presented to employees along with all other contracts and policies in the workpl…


By: Johnny “Double Pain” Graziano

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, 76.2M Americans suffer from pain each year and a nationwide cost of $50 Billion/year on lower back pain treatment.  PAIN comes with the daily use-and-abuse of our mortal parts and from the natural aging process.  Looking at extreme cases such as athletes, sports are known to abuse  joints, cartilage and muscles beyond safety and beyond average use-- making pain and functional erosion an accepted part of the daily competitive equation.

Thanks to the advanced information era fulfilled by the free internet age, high speed education brings us world-wide access to ALL options available to improving our lives.  It expands our ability to make better choices from an expansive set of solutions at the click of a mouse button. Key searching in Google for "NEW PAIN SOLUTIONS" totals 4.5 million search results and growing daily- listing every available result for just about any pain solution from over-t…


By: Dr. Steven Riess

Dysfunction in the lumbar joints (low back) and the sacrolilaic joints (located in the pelvis) are a major cause of low back pain and sciatica (leg pain). In the past medical doctors and chiropractors have been at odds but recently see eye to eye on the best option for back pain. Recently JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, now recommends chiropractic as a first means of treating low back pain!  This recommendation comes on the heels of a recent study out of the medical journal Spine where sufferers of lower back pain all received standard medical care (SMC) and half of the participants received additional chiropractic care. The researchers found that in the SMC plus chiropractic care, 73% reported that their pain was completely gone or much better after treatment compared to 17% of the SMC group. This only reinforces and supports what the American Chiropractic Association teaches patients as well. Chiropractic should be the first line of defens…