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Tis the season! The weather gets colder and the snow arrives looking beautiful. But it’s the removal of that snow that can become a major problem for many people. Snow shoveling is a seasonal torturous occurrence causing a variety of back injuries and pain every winter. Snow implies cold weather. Cold muscles are more easily injured, since they are taut and tight making them far more prone to cramping or spasms. This leads to musculoskeletal misalignments and distortions. But have no fear!! There are many things one can do to prevent back pain and back-related injuries.  Before even taking a step outside, take a few minutes and do some stretching and calisthenics. Be sure to include your back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Dress warm and wear layered clothing. It’ll help keep your muscles warm and cushion your landing in case of an unexpected fall. Also wear boots or shoes with excellent traction to prevent falling on the icy surfaces under the snow. Now you’re ready to shovel!