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Non-Invasive means "NO MORE CUTTING": Welcome to the age of the TRICORDER

Early 60's pop culture represented a caricature of our western medical science as appears in the adventure board game called  " OPERATION".  It simulated  a nerve-racking surgical malpractice scenario with the  naked Cavity Sam's many exposed plastic vital organs .  And then there's the ever-popular  Star Trek line of accessories like Dr. "Bones" McCoy's Medical TRICORDER - an innovative marvel that projected a non-invasive medical future.   I recently reunited with these toys in my attic as part of a spring cleaning frenzy.  Juxtaposed, they illustrated the notable evolution in our philosophy behind patient care. "Trekkies" (like me) grew up to witness a vast line of creative concepts about a probable future come to real life.  Tools such as the personal computer, the food replicator, the 3D printer, the cell phone, the tractor beam, laser technology, holograms and yes, the  Medical TRICORDER! Once creations of theatrical p